Lone Star Law

Howdy, my name’s Matt. I’m 26 years old and I recently moved across the Atlantic from Britain to Dallas, Texas. On arrival I thought it would be fun to try something new and enter the world of blogging. My blog will be divided into categories of photos and writing, to enter each section simply click on the bold titles below. I will also have a final area showing trips I’ve taken around Texas and further afield in the USA. These will be subdivided into mini photoblogs. I hope you enjoy the content I’ve shared.

Here is my blog documenting my journey here in America so far…..

Denison, Texas

Having visited Normandy so frequently on holiday since I was young, I’ve always had an interest in WW2 history. If you haven’t been to Normandy I highly recommend going, particularly to the U.S military cemetery in Colleville Sur Mer. Before I moved to Texas I had no idea that in a small town just southContinue reading “Denison, Texas”

Salt Lake City, Utah

I took a trip in late 2018 to visit my fiancé in Nevada. I began my journey from Birmingham Airport in England, 25 hours and two rather exhausting changeovers later I finally made it to Salt Lake City. This trip would encompass three states Utah, Nevada & Idaho. I didn’t know what to expect havingContinue reading “Salt Lake City, Utah”

Elko, Nevada

After leaving Utah behind we arrived in North Eastern Nevada. Despite travelling for around 4 hours we only encountered a few small towns before arriving in Elko.

Bryan County, Oklahoma

Around 70 miles North of Dallas is The Red River and the Texas – Oklahoma border. With my family visiting town we thought it would be fun to travel north and venture into “The Sooner State”. On the way we visited Denison, TX. The hometown of General Dwight D Eisenhower before crossing Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge.

Texas Photography

Welcome to my photoblog, the photos displayed here were all taken throughout Texas. I find Texas a beautiful state to live, from the endless prairies, to the western desert, to the downtown metropolises located throughout this enormous place. There’s no shortage of amazing scenery to visit and explore. For each photo I take on myContinue reading “Texas Photography”

Travels Around America

This is my first post in a series detailing trips around America I’ve been on. Living in North Texas we are fortunate to be surrounded by great transport links. There are numerous airports and countless highways in all directions making it easy to get out and explore. In this section I will share photos ofContinue reading “Travels Around America”

Written Texas

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” and from the time I’ve spent here it’s hard to contest that. As someone who grew up in a more understated part of the world everything here does seem incredibly large. In this section I’ll try detail those strange phenomena I encounter whilst living here. These experiences will be abnormal fromContinue reading “Written Texas”

I hope you enjoyed reading through my blog, please come back soon.

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